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Hot Shot Runner is your premier USA Freight Broker company providing logistics expertise 24/7 for our customers and clients all over the country. Our extensive Carrier and Trucking companies network, and our industry connections and reputation, positioned us as a leader in providing best rates and supreme customer service satisfaction.

Our service as a USA Freight Broker is not limited to finding carriers to your truck loads, but we also provide logistic services as and truck loads brokerage services, from a simple 53’ box vans, reefer to heavy machinery flatbed trailers. Call Hot Shot Runner, your first freight broker USA company and our team will help you moving your loads.


Most USA truck loads shippers will search for a reliable freight brokers when demand for outstrips carrier capacity. Then the Truck load Shippers will search for immediate solution to move their truck loads inside the USA.

The truck load shipper will search for a freight broker that has a large network of connection in the industry, carries with great prices, and the attention of a our customer service that will exceeds the expectation and will find a solution to move the freight.

Federal laws require anyone arranging transportation for compensation to have a federal property broker license issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

We will deliver to any potential shipper all the documents licenses and insurances for a complete satisfaction of the truck loads USA shipper.


As a local USA expert logistics Company, our team of experts will help you with all the truck load shipper in finding a localize solution to distribute there products inside USA cities.

Our goal is to provide the best possible transportation services available along with competitive pricing, and reliable local delivery company. we offers wide arrays of logistic related services, such as truckload and LTL transportation, expedited service ( Yes we answer the phone 24/7) and inter modal transport.

Our scope of ground transportation services is nationwide, and we can ship any USA truck Loads anywhere in the world.

Reliable Service

All of our experienced staff have built long term partnerships with our large and growing motor carrier force. Handy Freight Brokers will provide you and your company with the highest level of service. All of our customers trust us to do exactly what we say we will do. We treat every shipment as if it were our only shipment


Regardless of how large or small your shipment is, we will manage the complete set-up and processing of your shipment. We strive to take the headache out of your domestic or international shipping, distribution and/or warehousing needs. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will resolve any and all problems quickly and effectively with no inconvenience to you.


Our entire family of freight specialists work very hard to have a full knowledge of the needs of our customers and to provide up to date tracking information. We continually strive to keep our customers informed of all aspects of each and every shipment. We use up to date tracking systems for all of our tracking needs.

Cost Reduction and Savings

Freight Brokers USA set themselves apart from the competition by offering our services at a real savings. We invite you to compare our rates with others in our industry. And, if you do, we're confident you'll come back to us in the future.

While other brokers claim they'll save you 70% off your shipments, we actually will. Most freight brokerages mark their rates up by 30%, or more. We've built our business by focusing on reduced margins for ourselves, and thereby increasing the value for our customers. We work closely with our massive carrier base to provide you with the best solutions for increased savings. Because of our large base of carriers, we can negotiate greater savings on all your shipping needs.

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